Established in 2019, Roundhouse Productions is a theatre production company based in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada.

Roundhouse aims to bring new life to the Moncton theatre scene by producing shows for audiences of all ages and utilizing technology such as digital screens and projection mapping to enhance the viewer experience.

Working closely with the founders, we decided on the name, and I designed the visual identity, business cards, merchandise, social media assets, and posters for their upcoming show.
The company gets its name from the now defunct roundhouse near downtown Moncton.

The logo combines the masks of comedy and tragedy, an instantly recognizable symbol of theatre, with the silhouette of a roundhouse.
Built using a strict and simple geometry of squares and circles, the logo is minimal, distinct, and easily scalable. This simplicity allows for quick recognition at a glance and easy reproduction. The logo is friendly and inviting, signalling that Roundhouse is a theatre company for everyone.

To add to this friendliness, a vibrant colour palette was chosen to help present Roundhouse as a modern, youthful brand with a touch of digital.

The wordmark, typeset in Connary Fagen's Venti CF, echoes the simple geometry of the logo and communicates just enough seriousness while remaining fun and approachable.
Along with the launch of Roundhouse Productions was the announcement of their first show "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time". The play is a mystery about a young boy investigating the death of his neighbour's dog.

In designing the poster, I wanted a system that could be used for future posters allowing for a cohesive look when presented as a whole.

I landed on the idea of using the semicircles that form the smile and frown of the logo as holding shapes for illustrations. The smile indicates a comedy while the frown indicates a tragedy/drama.
"We were very pleased with the branding and logo design Dan did for us. He produced a logo which was simple, memorable and versatile. The work was done promptly, which meant a lot to our then brand new company."

—Cyril Johnston, Roundhouse Productions